Gemstone Disclaimer


Eloise Minn goes to great effort to accurately display the colors and images of its products on this website.  Images may, however, appear larger or smaller than the actual size on this website due in large part to digital photography, monitor settings and monitor definitions.  Some items may appear larger or smaller than their actual size in order to clearly display details or smaller than actual size in order to show the entire item.  Eloise Minn cannot guaranty that the color you see on your computer screen or mobile app will be the exact color of the gemstone ordered.  Rather, colors are approximations only.  The photographs and other images on this site are intended as a guide only and not as an exact representation of the products sold.  

Gemstones sold by Eloise Minn are ethically sourced and naturally beautiful.  Like nature, one gemstone will always be slightly different to another.  No two gemstones are ever exactly alike, even when cut from the same stone.  This is to be expected and part of the beauty of mined gemstones, as are variations in color, hue, transparency and clarity.  Inclusions and flaws are natural and expected in natural gemstones, some of which may make a gemstone more rare or beautiful.