Our Unique Gemstone Settings


We take our gemstones super seriously at Eloise Minn. We want to bring you the absolute best resonance of gemstone frequencies we possibly can, so we only source the finest grades of faceted gemstones. It is commonly known as ‘clean to the eye’, and the quality discerning jewelry designers do not drop below. This means that the gemstone is free from inclusions and flaws that can be seen by the naked eye. To the naked eye the gemstone looks perfect. At this level of perfection, the gemstone emits a strong and unadulterated frequency. Higher grades of gemstones are more perfect, and more expensive, but the quality of their resonance is hardly improved. Gemstones of a lesser quality will emit the same frequencies, but the inclusions, striations, clouding, and feathering reduce the flow of the gemstone resonance. Stones in our cabochon collection are of the highest grade too, but most of these stones pulse to a slower vibration than the gemstones, so when we find flawed but still beautiful gemstones, we make them up in the cabochon shape.


We are equally fussy about the quality of our gold. Gold has such a divine frequency we would love to use 24 karat gold in our settings, but it is too soft, so we buy the highest grade of gold that is strong enough to hold our gemstones securely in place. Gold’s heavenly frequency makes it the perfect partner for the gemstones, so we do not make settings in any other metal. Small quantities of silver and copper are added to the 24 karat gold to create the ideal hardness. We choose to add only these particular metals because they emit refined, beneficial frequencies too.


Traditionally, fine jewelry settings lift the gemstones up and away from our skin. We want the gemstone frequencies to penetrate to the core of our being, so we design our settings to create the greatest possible connection between the gemstones and our skin. Our minimalist settings encourage the gemstone frequencies to enter our electromagnetic field. Flowing through our energetic pathways the gemstones cleanse and balance our energetic field, bringing strength and refinement to our mind, body, and spirit.


The combination of our purposefully designed settings, high quality gemstones and supportive gold, provide the greatest potency of resonance we want to receive from the gemstone’s frequencies. With the beneficial resonances central to our relationship with the gemstones, these heavenly treasures become our ally in wisdom and well-being, as well as beautiful jewelry to enjoy.