Our Company Ethos


We are a small boutique company that manufactures all our jewelry here in the USA. We buy our gemstones, and create our jewelry, as I always have for myself. We will never cut corners, and always bring you the best quality and price we can. As we watch the cost of gemstones rising year after year, we know we are providing a great investment. Heirlooms that overtime will become more valuable, rather than less.

Our gemstone director, who sources the gemstones, and I are both sensitive to the frequencies of gemstones. We check every gemstone to make sure the frequency is pure and unadulterated. We would never sell a gemstone that has been harmed in any way. We have very strict guidelines about how our gemstones have to be treated. We will not buy a gemstone that has been irradiated, exposed to excessive heat or unnecessary treatments that affect the frequencies of the stones. 

Integrity is at the heart of our business, and luckily we work in an industry where for many, integrity is at the heart of their business too. We work with the most respected gemstone suppliers, and the best local manufacturers, who we have personal relationships with. Our gemstones are always ethically sourced. Our team is like family, we work hand-in-hand together with great mutual respect. We make sure our business is beneficial for everyone involved, from the first person who handles the gemstone to the last person who places our jewelry into the post to you. We have personal relationships with everyone involved, and know all are well intended, ethical people.

It feels so good to work with these values at the heart of our business, and you can feel great too when you wear our jewelry, for you are supporting a highly ethical business that wants to bring our ethos of kindness and goodwill to every aspect of our venture. There is never a moment when our gemstones and metals, through the phases of their development and arrival with you, would reach you with anything but the best energy. From beginning to end, our jewelry is given the care and respect it deserves. It is a joy to bring our jewelry to you.

We are immensely grateful to you who, when you choose our brand, allows this to happen, and we thank you with all our heart for supporting our passion, and our business, to be the best it can be.