All the beautiful rainbow colours of Tourmaline permeate a feeling of harmony that emanate and attract goodness and sincerity. With its essence of love and goodwill Tourmaline charges our positive intentions to draw the most rewarding and favourable energies into our lives. Tourmaline activates the heart bringing feelings of kindness and peacefulness to our entire energy field.


Tiny shards of this powerful gemstone radiate an impressively vital broad field of frequency. Balancing the hemispheres of the brain Tourmaline assists us to orient ourselves properly. And Tourmaline is believed to support the unique development of the dyslexic brain. This life-enhancing stone safeguards our flame of integrity, strengthening our ability to retain joy confidently even as we bear the sometimes difficult consequences of our commitment to truth.


Encouraging us to cherish everyday encounters and ordinary things Tourmaline urges us to value what we have and maybe resist the temptation to look for more when we do not really need it. Tourmaline tempers false hope and unrealistic ambition, it is hard to be fooled when under the influence of this pragmatic stone. Each colour of Tourmaline carries profound and powerful attributes, but all the colours of Tourmaline carry a deep desire for truthfulness and virtue.


Black Tourmaline

The most commonly found form of Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline known as Schorl, is lustrous, refined and very protective. Grounding Schorl is a high vibrational stone, a super protector that both repels and defends against all kinds of negativity but especially projections directed from an outside source. Balancing the energy centres of the body and brain Schorl cleanses mental processes to dissolve obsessive thinking, compulsive behaviours, and unhealthy attachments. Schorl also transmutes negative energies back to positive frequencies beneficial to health overall. Schorl supports our ability to notice negativity brewing, offering the opportunity to avert potential problems before they manifest. With purifying Schorl even the most entrenched hostilities can be assuaged by one willing person charging this powerful gem with an intention for wisdom and harmony to return.


Bright Blue Tourmaline

Named after the Brazilian state where it was first discovered, this bright blue Tourmaline, known as Paraiba Tourmaline, is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. A calm, insightful stone that brings clarity to the mind, Paraiba Tourmaline encourages stability and a disciplined life. Supporting concentration and mental focus Paraiba Tourmaline sustains those with demanding intellectual obligations and people living in the realm of academic vigour. Paraiba Tourmaline also has an angelic quality that fosters a desire for spiritual clarity and moral stamina, inspiring correct thought, action, and a compassionate, kind disposition.


Brown Tourmaline

Brown Tourmaline activates the channel of spiritual energy within us that connects us simultaneously to divine cosmic universal forces and the serene heart of the Earth. A particularly good clearing and grounding stone Brown Tourmaline cleanses the energy systems of the body to support optimal good health. Brown Tourmaline inspires a sensitivity to, and a deeper understanding of, the oscillations of collective energy. The broad field of frequency emanating from Brown Tourmaline extends to the environment around the wearer, encouraging a more profound and productive experience of the interconnectedness of our higher selves.


Colourless Tourmaline

Colourless Tourmaline strengthens our appreciation of the boundaries and limitations essential to cultivating clarity of mind and a well-balanced life. Composed of a delicate melody of the full spectrum of frequencies held in every colour of Tourmaline, Colourless Tourmaline delivers a gentle pulse of stabilizing energy that purifies all areas of our being to bring balance and composure to our energy field and experience of life.



Deep Blue Tourmaline

Deep blue Tourmaline, known as Indicolite, asks us to surrender our everyday worries to reach for higher realms of consciousness and a genuine desire to be of service to humanity. Indicolite encourages us to relate to everyone with loving kindness. A keen awareness of the healing power of love can be realised with this wise and peaceful stone. The love of Indicolite is essentially the perceptiveness required to observe injustice wisely and recognise the steps needed to bring positive resolution and release. As the progressive realisation of this ability draws peace and harmony to our thoughts and feelings, we become more able to settle conflicts and bring greater serenity to our environment and ourselves.


Green tourmaline

Green Tourmaline has an affinity with nature. Carrying the vital essence of the plant kingdom deep within, Green Tourmalines help us to connect to the Earth and develop an intuitive relationship with the natural world. Awakening an awareness of frequencies emanating from deep within the Earth, Green Tourmaline stirs our desire towards this profound connection that engenders compassion and forgiveness. Sowing seeds of fairness and decency Green Tourmaline encourages wisdom, and through our enhanced integrity brings good fortune and success.


Orange Tourmaline

Exceptionally rare Orange Tourmaline enhances sexuality and creativity. Bringing intelligence, discipline, and wisdom to all areas of our desire, whether physical, emotional, intellectual, or intuitive.


Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmalines stimulate our appreciation of the highest aspects of love and Pink Tourmalines stimulate our appreciation of the highest aspects of love and spirituality through the development of a profound connection to the Divine and Angelic realms. One of the most heart-warming gemstones you can find Pink Tourmaline is a super heart activator that compels us to trust in the power of love. Pink Tourmaline cultivates freedom from unhelpful coping mechanisms and emotional attachments that hold us back, awakening wisdom and a blossoming of awareness that nourishes feelings of happiness and a joyful enthusiasm for life.


Purple Tourmaline

Purple Tourmaline is extremely calming, relieving symptoms of anxiety and PTSD Purple Tourmaline supports healing from trauma, shock, and grief. Gently reminding us that we are safe, Purple Tourmaline helps us to separate mentally and emotionally from the cause of our distress and switch off the physical response of flight, fight, or freeze.


Red Tourmaline

Red Tourmaline, known as Rubellite, promotes discernment, tactfulness, and loving endeavours, inspiring greater confidence in our compassion and heartfelt consciousness. Strengthening the physical body, particularly the cardiovascular system and the heart, Rubellite encourages us to enjoy being the grown up, bringing warmth and vitality to our self-governance and a comfortable ease to our systems of our self-discipline.


Yellow Tourmaline.

Analytical and expansive, Yellow Tourmaline promotes personal power and intellectual prowess. Inspiring growth through the development of skills and the blossoming of our potential Yellow Tourmaline encourages a willingness to look to the future, leaving the past behind to embrace new beginnings and a fresh start.


Bi, Tri and Multi-coloured Tourmaline.

These beautiful stones combine the qualities of the various Tourmaline colours that present themselves in each individual stone, as well as the powerful collective qualities found in all the rainbow colours of Tourmaline.

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