The powerfully affectionate Garnet inspires devotion in relationship and a faithful flow of warmth and understanding among loved ones. Great advocates of all things heartfelt, all colours of Garnet adore expressions of love and gratitude, acting without delay to support and celebrate the good and the best in everyone and everything. These perpetually good-natured stones keep our feet firmly on the ground, bringing a feeling of lightness to responsibility and supporting us to effortlessly alter our mental or emotional state, even when it may seem uncomfortable to do so. The heartfelt joy found in all Garnet colours can make even the uncomfortable comfortable. Also known as a stone of good health, all Garnet colours purify particularly the heart and cardiovascular system, generating renewed strength and vitality in all areas of our physical and emotional life.


Green Garnet

Green Garnet awakens a blossoming of self-love. Encouraging us to cherish our innate, authentic beauty and develop a profound love, appreciation, and affection for ourselves. Fostering recovery from emotional trauma Green Garnet supports us to purify our emotions, boost vitality and regain confidence in our ability to bring good things into our lives. Green Garnet also amplifies our benevolence and goodwill towards others as well as ourselves.


Orange Garnet

A benevolent and harmonious stone of healing, particularly of issues we hold deeply inside ourselves, Orange Garnet encourages reflection and resolution at a personal level. Elevating our inner dialogue to higher self consciousness, Orange Garnet inspires patience, kindness, and endless compassion, supporting us to embody an experience of having a big-hearted friend to talk to when that big-hearted friend is ourself.


Purple Garnet

Purple Garnet activates and illuminates the energy of our wise heart, our second heart centre found in the crown of our head, between the fontanels, opening us to our wise heart consciousness. When we are comfortably centred in our wise heart energy, we can manifest our hearts desire from this place. Purple Garnet supports us to manifest the gifts and abilities of our heart’s desire, while also supporting the confidence needed to bring these heartfelt treasures into the world.


Red Garnet

Regenerative particularly of our blood and circulatory system Red Garnet is said to enhance libido and encourage fertility. By magnifying the spiritual elements of our physical relationships, all things sexual are purified and enriched by Red Garnet.


Yellow Garnet

Dispelling feelings of disconnectedness and separation these spirited stones assist us to feel more confident, engaged and accepted in the world. Yellow Garnet champions qualities of courage and stamina. Supporting us to identify the most beneficial and harmonious possibilities for ourselves, Yellow Garnet brings successful outcomes and happiness into our lives.  

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