Blue Sapphire


Blue Sapphire is associated with purity and the spiritual path. Encouraging us to live through our highest Self with loving compassion for all beings, Blue Sapphire champions us to bring our most angelic nature to the world. Blue Sapphire calms and balances our nervous system. 


Blue Sapphire carries the qualities inherent in all the beautiful colours of Sapphire. Powerful stones of prosperity Sapphires are the gift givers of life, supporting the desires of our highest consciousness and the fulfilment of our dreams. Sapphire inspires harmony and cooperation in all areas of our existence, from the psychological through to the cellular and the world around us.


Encouraging the dissolution of unwanted thoughts Sapphire bring joy, a depth of intuition and an appreciation of beauty powerfully into our lives. Sapphire refines our ability to communicate, encouraging us to listen with compassion, act with kindness and understand with grateful recognition every point of view. Sapphire also supports the advantages and rewards of being authentic, honest, and true to ourselves at all times.


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Blue Sapphire
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