Fire is at the heart of Topaz, whether the cool flame of the elegant blue or the sun-drenched emanations of imperial gold, all the colors of this beautiful stone bring a spiritual passion to our purpose in life. The name Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word for fire. Brimming with positivity Topaz encourages healthy self-esteem and confidence. Fostering our ability to embody our personal power Topaz inspires courage, entrepreneurship and the realization of our dreams. A stone of good fortune, especially towards success in our endeavors, Topaz strives to replace negativity with love and joyfulness. Topaz helps us to manifest that which is most beneficial into our lives.


A powerful advocate of true love Topaz champions faithfulness, openness, and integrity. Honing our relationship skills both in our intimate relationships and the wider world Topaz strives to dissolve illusion and align us with truth. A kind and altruistic stone Topaz reveals falsehood wherever possible. While encouraging us to avoid unpleasantness Topaz bolsters our resolve to defend anyone being unfairly treated. Optimistic and forgiving Topaz helps us to love humanity with all its flaws as we look for the best in everyone without compromising our truth or integrity.


Topaz is not a friend to ostentation or grandiose expressions of wealth or superiority, advocating instead an egalitarian approach, the kind of friend or mentor who, loving life and everyone in it, motivates with a smile, bringing joy and camaraderie to everything they do.


Blue Topaz

To create a healthy, happy, relaxed mind Blue Topaz advocates honesty and forgiveness. Strengthening our mental function, Blue Topaz brings energy and clarity to our thinking, enhancing our ability to absorb, recall and convey confidently the most complex concepts.


Brown Topaz

Brown Topaz increases faithfulness in love and lasting friendships, reminding us that we are deeply loved and always welcome. This earthy stone is wonderful for people who have been disappointed in life. Brown Topaz fills us with gratitude, supporting us to become more open and to see the good in everyone and everything once more.


Colourless Topaz

Colourless Topaz strengthens our connection to divine will and our higher self. This soulful stone clears stagnant energy from our etheric field. Colourless Topaz helps us to discover our potential and build on our wealth of abilities and knowledge.


Imperial Topaz

Golden Imperial Topaz is attuned to the most refined frequencies of the universe. Amplifying our spiritual bond Imperial Topaz connects us powerfully to the divine, supporting our wish to live every moment of life in the consciousness of meditation and prayer. Devoted to strengthening our spiritual self, the altruistic nature of this sacred stone dissolves selfishness, greed and the anxieties associated with these qualities.


Pink Topaz

Pink Topaz champions integrity, honesty, and openness. Stimulating the energy centres of the heart, pink Topaz brings peace and harmony to all areas of our love life, relationships, and sense of self.


Purple Topaz

Purple Topaz inspires a devotional countenance and a desire to live in gratitude for the abundant blessing’s life offers. Expansive and transformative, Purple Topaz dissolves seemingly insignificant flaws in our psychology that may be holding us back, elevating our discernment to a spiritual level that enlarges our worldview and, among other things, teaches us to protect ourselves from unhelpful people who could bring suffering into our life.


Rutilated Topaz

Rutilated Topaz is the muse of divine imagination. Inspirational and visionary Rutilated Topaz stimulates all channels of creativity.

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